Choose the smart way to do college

Choose the smart way to do college

The North Dakota Air Guard allows you to:

  • Earn your college degree at ND colleges—for FREE!
  • Work at the Guard one weekend a month and 15 days per year, and earn $369-$719 or more per month

When you graduate (without student debt), you'll also benefit from the training you received in the Air Guard – skills that make you better in your chosen career!

Make a difference from the start

Make a difference from the start

Right away, you’ll get hands-on, real-life work experience plus opportunities to serve in nearby communities when the governor calls.

The Air Guard has 70 different career choices, many of which are part of high-tech or top-secret missions!

  • Find a great career in the Air Guard, or launch a civilian career with Air Guard experience in a wide range of fields:
    • IT
    • Intelligence
    • Medical
    • Electrical and HVAC/Engineer
    • Law Enforcement
    • And many others
  • Leadership and management skills are part of every Airman's training
Get the support to achieve your dreams

Get the support to achieve your dreams

The Air Guard family is a tight-knit group. We have high expectations, and high standards, but we provide a high level of support.

  • Your recruiter is by your side throughout your first year
  • We have a no-pressure recruiting process!
  • We invest heavily in your success – mentorship is a way of life here
  • Over 90 percent of Air Guard members stay with us long-term

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